<transcy>DRP Decaf Ethiopia Shidamo Guji G1</transcy>

DRP Decaf Ethiopia Shidamo Guji G1

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DRP Decaf Ethiopia Shidamo Guji G1


Decaffeinated coffee is now on sale!

Ethiopian like gorgeous, berry-like acidity and sweetness. It is a special taste that will satisfy those who like decaf and coffee. Decaf is Mexico Mountain Water Process.


Recommended recipe

Medium-ground EK43 Grind 7.5

Amount of powder 13g

how to brew

Cultivation area : Shakisso Village Farm Name in Guji District, Shidamo Region Tade GG plantation plantation owner Tesfaye Degaga
Variety : Ethiopian native species elevation 1,800-2,200m
Production processing : natural


To deliver the high quality of decaf coffee, head barista and the roaster of DRP, Hayashi repeated trial and error manytimes.