DRP SINGLE ORIGIN Colombia El Paraiso Lime Lot 100g ~

DRP SINGLE ORIGIN Colombia El Paraiso Lime Lot 100g ~

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DRP Single Origin Colombia Elparaiso Lime Lot


Coffee from El Paraiso Farm, which was very popular last year, is on sale. The producer of the El Paraiso plantation Diego Samuel Bermúdez is known as the leading figure in Anaerobic in Colombia. Innovative flavors have shocked the world. This year, we have a new arrival of Lime Lot. You can feel the refreshing acidity and flavor of lemongrass, lime and mint. It is a special coffee that you can enjoy the taste like gin and tonic. You can purchase this from 100g.


Recommended recipe
Medium grind when using EK43 Grind 8 Powder amount 13g

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Cultivation area: Cauca
Farm name: El Paraiso
Farmer: Diego Samuel Bermúdez
Variety: Castillo
Altitude: 1,750m
Production processing: Double Anaerobic